Are Beagles Lap Dogs?

Who doesn’t want a dog who snuggles on our lap while we watch your favorite Netflix show? While all dogs are equally adorable, not all of them like to cuddle their companions. Some of them prefer an active lifestyle.

But what about the beagle who is an active and energetic breed but at the same time loves to cuddle their owners. So are beagles lap dogs?

As small dog breeds are considered lap dogs, beagles are not technically a lap dog. But due to their affectionate and social nature, they love to snuggle on your lap like a lap dog, only 3 times the size.

We will further look into the personality traits of beagles and find out why do they make a fantastic lap dog.

What are Lap Dogs?

All dogs love their companions, no doubt. But some dog breeds prefer to be independent, some like to play around all day, and some loves to snuggle in their owner’s lap and take naps all day long.

Lapdogs are small-sized dogs who love to curl up in your lap. These dogs do not usually have an active lifestyle. They prefer to be a couch potato instead.

While all the lapdogs are small dog breeds, not all the small breeds are lap dogs. Some of them do prefer an active lifestyle.

Reasons why Beagles are Best Lap Dogs

beagle snuggled on my lap

Beagles may not be a small-sized dog breed, or they may not be couch potatoes. But they love to cuddle.

You can read this article to know more about why beagles like to cuddle.

It is safe to say that beagles are clingy. They love to be around their companions.

Every morning, my beagle snuggles inside my blanket with me and doze off. Let’s look into some of the personality traits that make them fantastic lap dogs.

Beagles are Affectionate

Beagles genuinely love their owners. They care about their loved ones. They want to be around you all the time. They will lick you, follow you around the house, and want to sleep on your lap.

They are Social

Beagles are one of the most extrovert dog breeds out there. They prefer being around people.

Beagles were bred for hunting in packs. Back then, the entire pack of beagles used to eat together, eat together, and hunt together with their human companion.

Even though they don’t hunt anymore, the past made them socially comfortable.

That’s why your beagle will get along with anyone from humans to cats.

Both of my beagles, Yoda and Groot, are so social that they often jump and snuggle on the laps of visitors.

They don’t shed a lot.

THE BEST THING, okay, maybe not the best, but one of the best things about beagles is that they don’t shed a lot.

If you don’t want to end up with jeans full of hair after the dog cuddling, do you, then, get a beagle!

They do shed, but they have short and dense fur. It’s very easy to groom them. I can say it’s much easier to manage a beagle’s shedding then labrador’s shedding.

Beagles usually shed a couple of times a year. However, in some cases, they can shed throughout the year.

They are Clingy

Beagles can get clingy to you, especially if you are their favorite. If you are in the house, then your beagle will want to be with you all the time.

Both my beagles follow me around the house. They even follow me to the toilet. Not just that, they both sleep with me on my bed. Personally, I don’t mind this, but if you are looking for an independent dog, then beagle is probably not for you.

Beagles are Medium-Sized dogs.

Beagles may not be as small as other lapdogs, but they are not as big as labradors or golden retrievers who also loves to cuddle.

I think beagles are of perfect size. They are neither too small, not too big. They can perfectly fit in your lap.

It gets difficult for me as I have two dogs and only one pair of laps. And that’s probably the only reason I asked my girlfriend to move in with me, so that one of my beagles doesn’t feel left out, haha.

They are Active

Well, this can be a pro or a con depending on your lifestyle. Beagles are an active breed. Yes, they do love to curl up in your laps, but they are not couch potatoes. They require a fair amount of exercise daily.

Beagles are playful, energetic, and fun-loving. They love to go on walks and run with you. And at the end of the day, they snuggle on your lap and sleep.

So get a beagle only if you have enough time to take them on walks and play with them.

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Dog Breeds That make Amazing Lap Dogs

I think beagles make excellent lap dogs. However, if you feel beagles do not fit your lifestyle, then here are some other popular choices.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are lovable, affectionate, and fun-loving creatures. They are energetic and love to play outside.

You can cuddle these cute little monsters all day long. However, they are energetic, so you will have to make sure that they get enough walks daily.



The place where I live, Chihuahuas are really really popular for some reason. Every time my dogs and I go out for walks, I see at least three chihuahuas.

Moving on, chihuahuas as small little monsters who love to cuddle their owners. They are affectionate, playful, and loyal to their owners.

Even they require daily exercise. So apart from taking out for walks, you will also want to set a playtime to exhaust their energy.



If you are looking for a couch potato, then get a pug. They are just cute little cuddle balls. And they want to do is lie down on your lap and sleep.

They are intelligent, docile, and quiet little dogs. They enjoy playing but tied off quickly. However, some pugs can be energetic and require more exercise.

Pugs can be your perfect cuddle partner, just beware of their snoring.

Final Thoughts

Let the world not allow beagles to be called Lap Dogs. Being an owner of two, I can say that these cuddle monsters are the perfect lap dogs.