How to Measure a Beagle’s Height (in 5 Steps)

It’s super exciting to shop for new clothes, costumes, and other accessories for your beagle. But as appealing as it may seem, measuring your beagle’s height and selecting the right size itself is a challenge. So how to measure the height of your Beagle?

The height of a beagle is measured from the withers to their paws. Withers is the highest point on their back, where the neck and shoulder blades intersect. Unlike us, their head and neck are not taken into account for measuring their height.

Further, we will look more into how you can measure your beagle’s height step by step. We also learn how to correctly measure them for selecting the size of clothes, costumes, harnesses, and collars.

Required Equipment

Well, you don’t need any special tool to measure your beagle. But you may need some equipments to get an accurate result such as:

  • Measuring tape: Any measuring tape will do. You can use the basic body measuring tape or the power tape.
  • A Frame or a wall: If you plan to keep track of your beagle’s growth, you will need a wall or a frame to mark the height as your pooch grows.
  • Carpenter’s level: While a level is unnecessary, having one will help you get an accurate measurement. A basic level is more than enough.
  • A Pencil or a Marker: You will need a marking tool like a pencil, pen, or marker.

Measuring your Beagle’s Height: Step by Step

The height of dogs is measured from the highest point of their back to the ground. The highest point being the intersection point of their neck and the back. It is also known as withers.

Unlike humans, a dog’s neck and head do not account for their height.

Step 1: Stand your Beagle by the wall

Beagle standing straight

Your beagle should be standing straight on all four paws on a flat surface to get an accurate measurement. Make him stand against the wall or a frame on which you can mark his height.

He shouldn’t be sitting or leaning on either side. Also, make sure his head is straight, and he isn’t looking up or down.

Now I know beagles can be very playful at times and may not standstill. So what you can do is, ask one of your friends or family member to get his attention by hovering a treat near his face while you measure him.

Step 2: Locate the Withers

withers of a beagle

If you are new to this, then finding the withers can be confusing. Owners often mistake the lower part of the neck for withers. Withers is where the shoulder of dogs end and not at the beginning of the neck.

So run your hand on your beagle’s shoulder and locate the withers before you measure him.

Step 3: Place the Level

place the level on beagle's back

Once you have located the wither, place the carpenter’s level across it. Make sure the bubble in the level is leveled straight, and one end is touching the wall.

You don’t need to have a carpenter’s level to measure your dog. You can use a ruler, stick, or a light plank too.

Step 4: Mark it

marking the height

Now mark the bottom end of the level on the wall. You can use a pencil if you want to remove it later.

However, if you want to keep track of your beagle’s growth, use a permanent marker or a pen.

Step 5: Measure

measure the height of your beagle

Now measure the mark from the ground with a measuring tape. You can refer to this beagle growth chart to find the average height based on his age.

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Why you may need to Measure your Beagle

Apart from keeping track of growth, there are various other reasons why you may need to measure your beagle. Let’s have a look into them.

Measuring your Beagle for a Crate

beagle sitting in a crate

The crate needs to be big enough for the beagle to stand, lie down, stretch, and turn around comfortably. But small enough to not allow them to make a peeing/pooping area in it.

To find the crate’s perfect size, you will need to measure your beagle’s height and length.

To measure the height, include the head and neck as well. Start measuring from the top of his head to the ground. For length, start from the nose to the butt.

Get a crate 5 to 7 inches bigger so that he has enough space to stretch. The 24 inches or the 30 inches crate is usually a good fit. Here are three of the best crates for your beagle.

Measuring your Beagle for Clothes, costumes, and apparel

beagle wearing clothes

Many dog owners find it challenging to measure their pooch for clothes. Well, trust me, it’s not that difficult.

The commonly used measurements for buying dog clothes are the neck, chest, and body.

Neck: You will need a basic tape to measure the neck. Do not use industrial tape. Take the basic tape and wrap it around your beagle’s neck and note down the measurement. It’s always better to add half an inch so that they can comfortably turn their head.

Body: To measure the body, start from the withers to the bottom of the tail.

Chest: Wrap the basic tape around their withers to measure the chest.

You can use these measurements to buy clothes, costumes, and any other apparel for your pooch. Here are some of the best clothes for beagles.

Measuring your Beagle for Harness and Collar

Beagle on a leash, ready for walk

To find the correct size of the harness, you will need the neck and chest measurements. And for the collar, you will need the measurement of their neck.

Here are some of the best collars for beagles.

Measuring your Beagle for Muzzle

beagle wearing muzzle

For the muzzle, you will first need to measure the length of their muzzle. Start from the back of the head to the top of the nose.

After that, you will need the circumference of his nose. To do so, wrap the measuring tape around his closed mouth.

Here are some of the best muzzles for the beagle.

Final Thoughts

Measuring your beagle won’t be easy, especially when they are puppies. They can do anything except standing still. So the best time to measure them is right after you come from a long walk when they are tired.