11 Rarest Beagle Colors (With Pictures)

Beagles come in several colors, markings, and patterns. Some colors are standard or AKC accepted, while others aren’t.

In this guide, I am enlisting 11 rare Beagle colors along with their photos. Let me know if the comments below which color Beagle is your favorite!

How Many Colors of Beagles Are There?

Did you know that the AKC accepts or recognizes almost 25 colors in the Beagle dog breed? The Club also accepts 6 markings in Beagles for a total of 150 coat patterns!

Before we move on to 11 of the rarest colors and patterns seen in these smart hunting dogs, let us consider the standard or AKC-accepted colors in the breed.

Standard Beagle Colors – AKC Accepted Beagle Colors

  • Black and Tan
  • Black, Red & White
  • Black Tan & Bluetick
  • Black Tan & White
  • Black, White & Tan
  • Brown & White
  • Brown White & Tan
  • Lemon & White
  • Red & White
  • Tan & White
  • Blue Tan & White

11 Rarest Beagle Colors

1. Lemon Beagle

Image from @lemonbeagle_oscar

Yes, the Lemon Beagle is extremely rare. Please note that the Beagle ‘lemon’ color is not exactly bright yellow like a lemon; rather, it is a pale golden color that appears yellow in some lights. Typically, you’d see lemon and white Beagles with the dog having white on its legs and belly area.

The lemon-colored parts are present around the eyes, on the ears, and part of the back. The pattern is unique and unpredictable, often with piebald marking.

2. Blue or Bluetick Beagle

Image from @holly__bluetick_beagle

A Blue or Bluetick Beagle coloring is also rare. Even rarer is a Beagle that is entirely blue. The blue is nothing but a diluted black.

Some blue-colored Beagles are bi-colored with blue parts on the face, ear, and back and white on the tail, belly, and legs. Bluetick Beagles have a ticking pattern which is flecks or spots of color on white areas.

3. White Beagles

Image from @lemon.and.white.beagle.louis

Pure white Beagles are not recognized by the AKC as the standard color but these dogs can still be registered. This means you won’t see pure white Beagles in the show ring. Also, on most white Beagles, there will be some ticking pattern on them. As such, solid-colored Beagles are very rare. As the puppy grows, the white could change to a light tan or lemon color.

4. Black 

Image from @chloe_the_black_beagle

Is black Beagle rare? Yes, pure black or all-black Beagles are also rare but there are Beagle puppies that are born all-black. However, solid Black is not an AKC-recognized color. As the puppy grows, the color could turn brown or red.

5. Black Tan and Redtick

Image from @2househounds

Black, tan, and red tick coloring in Beagles is not AKC-standard color. This rare combination consists of a black back, tan on the face and ears, and ticking on the belly.

6. Tan/Brown and White

Image from @tan_trums_beagleboy

Tan and white Beagles are quite rare. They are called Hard Pied. The tan parts have hair with black tips. They are present on the ears, face, and back. The belly and paws are white.

7. Red 

Image from @shoka.t

All red Beagles are a rarity as well. The red is not a bright scarlet; rather, it is a deep brown or darker orange. You see the red all over, including the belly. 

8. Black Fawn and White

Image from @thechocobeagle

The fawn color can be considered a diluted red. These Beagles have a fawn color around the eyes and on the ears. The back is almost entirely black, although there could be a break in the color. The belly and paws and white, and the tip of the tail is white too.

9. Black and White

Image from @lexi.and_her.animals

A bi-colored Beagle in black and white is very rare. The black is present around the eyes and on the ears, and back. The rest of the lower body is white. The tip of the tail is white, and part of the tail is black.

10. Blue and White

Image from @blue_beagle_kira

Another beautiful and rare color in Beagles is blue and white. Like the black and white above, the blue parts are on the face and the white on the belly.

11. Brown

Image from @iamopiethebeagle

A solid-brown Beagle is extremely rare. In such Beagles, there may be some areas with a lighter brown or tan color, but there is no second color present on these dogs.

Which Colour Beagle is Best?

The color of a Beagle does not affect your dog’s personality!  

 If your question ‘which color Beagle is the best’ means which Beagle color is the most popular, then the answer is the tri-colored Beagle or Beagles having the classic black-tan-white coloring.

Tri-colored Beagles are in great demand. Their prices are also high. You can expect to pay between $1000-$3000 for a purebred tri-colored classic Beagle from a reputed breeder.

How Many Colors of Beagles are There?

The AKC recognizes 11 colors in the breed as standard. In addition, the Club also accepts 14 other colors and has listed the same for the breed on its official AKC page

Some breeders try to experiment with Beagle colors by bringing in other similar dog breeds into the mix. This gives rise to rare and unique Beagle colors like lilac, khaki, etc. However, these aren’t standard colors, and these Beagles aren’t of pure lineage.

Purebred Beagles are available in only available in the 25 colors listed by the AKC. Only the standard or recognized colored Beagles are allowed to participate in dog shows.

What Color Beagle is the Most Expensive?

Tri-colored Beagles are the most expensive. Purebred Beagles in the classic black-white-brown/tan color are in great demand. These dogs are often sold for as high as $1000. Some tri-colored Beagle puppies born to championship-winning Beagles are often sold for over $2000.

Key Takeaways – Which is the Rarest Beagle Color?

Beagles in lemon-colored coats are the rarest. The lemon coloring is a yellow-goldish color. The lemon or golden parts may be present on a white base, typically on the back or face. 

Other Beagle colors in purebred Beagles, like all-black, all-white, and all-brown or red, are also rare.

I hope this guide gives you an insight into the Beagle’s beauty! Don’t forget to drop me a mail/comment about your Beagle’s color along with some photos!