13 Must-have Accessories for a Beagle Puppy

Getting a beagle puppy is no different than having a baby. In the initial period, you must take proper care of your puppy. 4 years ago, when baby Yoda, my first beagle, became part of our family, I didn’t know anything about the beagle puppy care.

I was blank about what accessories and products do I need to get for my little pooch. I made this list so that you know exactly what things you need for your puppy and how to use them.


Beagle standing in front of his crate

Let me make it clear that keeping your pal in a crate is not at all inhuman or cruel. A crate is an essential part of a beagle’s life. A crate provides a safe and secure space for your pet to rest. There are quite a few benefits of a crate for your beagle, as well as you.

  • A crate plays a significant role in potty training your beagle. Beagles don’t poop or pee where they sleep. A crate will help your little friend learn to control his bladder.
  • There will be a time when you have to run some errands, and there’s no one to look after your puppy. And let me tell you one thing, a lonely beagle is a disaster. Keeping your beagle in a crate is the best way to keep him away from possible dangers in the house.
  • Once your beagle is crate trained, the crate would be like a den for your pal.
  • The crate makes traveling with your pet so much convenient.
  • It provides a safe and secure space where your pet can rest.
  • Beagles tend to get separation anxiety easily. The crate can help your pal overcome this.
  • It also prevents your beagle from destroying your furniture.

Make sure you crate train your beagle using positive association. You can refer to this article on how to crate train a beagle.

I highly recommend getting the crate as soon as possible. Start crate training your puppy as soon as he keeps the foot in your house. You can go through my top three crate recommendations which are perfect for a beagle.

Dog Bed

Best Beagle Beds

A beagle puppy sleeps around 18 hours a day. Sleep is an integral part of a beagle’s development. Just like humans, a pleasant and comfortable bed provides better sleep for your dog. You would want your cutest little pooch to sleep comfortably, won’t you? A comfortable bed is an essential accessory for a puppy.

Beagles are cuddle monsters. They love to snuggle humans and sleep. But it’s hardly possible for someone to be there to snuggle them 18 hours a day. A cozy and nested bed will provide warmth and make your dog feel more secure.

Put a bed inside the crate and create a happy and comfortable space for your little pal. Moreover, a proper dog bed supports the joints of a developing puppy. Here are my three recommended beds for a beagle with a bed selection guide.

Food and Water Bowl

Food Bowl

Let me tell you one thing, beagles love food. If given a chance, they would eat all day long. You must set a specific time and spot to feed your dog. You cannot serve food to your pet on a plate. You will need a dog bowl. There are three types of bowl available; let’s find out which one is best suited for your beagle.

Platic Bowl: If your beagle is a chewer, he would probably start chewing the plastic bowl. Plastic can break, and your little puppy could swollow the broken pieces. These bowls aren’t long-lasting and durable, and over time it becomes difficult to clean food stains.

Ceramic Bowl: Ceramic bowls are comparatively heavy and hence a good option if your pooch pushes the bowl while eating. But ceramic tend to develop biofilm if not scrubbed daily.

Stainless Steel Bowl: Stainless steel bowls are easy to clean and highly durable. This makes them a preferred choice for food bowls. Just make sure to get a bowl with a rubber coating on the bottom, so they don’t slide while your pet is eating.

This would be my recommendation for an ideal food bowl. Although it’s not necessary, you can purchase two different bowls for food and water. Your beagle puppy won’t throw tantrums if you use one bowl.

NOTE: No matter what material you go with, make sure to clean it daily.

Identification Tag and Collar

Best Dog ID Tags

Beagles love to wonder, and they are expert escape artists. High chances that your beagle will catch a smell and go running behind it, ignoring all your commands. You need a collar to let people know that he is not a stray dog and belongs to a family. And an identification tag attached to the collar with the owner’s contact information.

Chances are low that a puppy would run away, but prevention is always better than cure. So get a collar and an id tag for your little one asap. Here are my top three collar and ID Tag recommendations for a beagle.

Harness and Leash

Beagle wearing a harness

Putting a beagle on a leash when you are on a walk is crucial. Don’t expect your beagle to walk side by side with you without a leash.

Well, you can attach a leash to your dog’s collar, but it is not recommended for a puppy beagle. The pup would get excited when you take him outside, and there will be a lot of pulling. Pulling when leashed on a collar can cause neck injury. And that’s why I would highly recommend getting a harness for taking your pet on a walk.

It is necessary to get a good quality leash and harness that won’t break when your pet pulls. You can go through my top three recommendations of harness and leash perfect for a beagle.

Poop Bag

Don’t expect your puppy to be house trained from birth. They are puppies, and they would be pooping around the house all the time. You will need to house train your beagle, but until then, you will have to clean his poop.

There are quite a few poop bags available in the market. But you would need bags that are durable, thick, and capable enough to conceal the smell. This is the one I used and they are quite inexpensive.


Toys for beagle

Boredom can lead to many negative behaviors in a beagle. Your puppy beagles are a powerhouse of energy, and they need a form of activity to release it. Toys are a great way to kill boredom and exhaust a puppy.

Toys keep your pet active. There are various types of toys available in the market. The best ones are those interactive toys that help reduce separation anxiety. I have made a list of toys that are amazing for a beagle.

Chew Toys

chew toys for beagle

Just like human babies, puppies go through the teething phase too. Teething causes irritation in their gums. A chew toy can be a blessing for a pup who is teething. It helps satisfy their urge to chew and ease irritation.

Another reason to get a chew toy for your adorable pup is that they love chewing. Your growing pup should chew a toy rather than your furniture. You can throw a chew toy in your pet’s crate and kill his boredom.

It is necessary to get a high-quality chew toy rather than a cheap one whose color is more likely to peel off when the dog chews it. So invest in a toy that is super durable and made up of a safe material.

I would recommend getting more than one toy. After some time, your pup would get bored with the toy and won’t play with it. You can always rotate toys every week to keep your dog happy.

Training Clicker

If you are not familiar with the clicker, then let me walk you through. A training clicker is a plastic instrument that makes a clicking sound whenever you click it. You use it to teach your dog that whenever he hears a clicking sound, he gets a treat.

Now, whenever your dog does something that you want to motivate, you make the clicking sound and give him a treat. And that’s how you train your pet dog.

Clicker will play a significant role in teaching tricks and commands to your beagle. BTW here is a list of 12 cool tricks that you can teach your beagle.

It is recommended that you familiarise your beagle with a clicker at an early age.

Healthy Treats

Treats for beagle training

You need to reward your dog for good behavior. What better reward than a tasty and healthy food for a beagle? Treats are food that your puppy loves and would do anything to get them.

Treats play a crucial part in training your dog. Rewarding your pup his favorite food will motivate good behavior and help him become a well-mannered dog.

A puppy needs balanced nutrients for proper growth. You must get treats that are healthy for your little pal. Before buying a pack of treats, look at the list of ingredients. A better option is to take guidance from a vet.


NEVER use human shampoos for your beagle. Human shampoos are too acidic for a beagle. In this modern world, there are amazing shampoos available for your dog that can not only clean your pet but also help treat skin problems.

There are various types of shampoos with different qualities available for your pal. Choose one depending on the reason for the bath. My vet suggested using a shampoo with oatmeal and I would suggest you the same. I used to use this shampoo when my Yoda was a puppy.

On the one hand, there are shampoos for cleaning your dog and making his fur smooth. And on the other hand, there are shampoos for medical reasons like control fleas and ticks. There are even shampoos for your dog’s dry skin, oily skin, or for dog dandruff and infection.

Usually, get a regular cleansing shampoo for dogs. Your vet will inform you if your dog needs a special shampoo.

How often should you bathe your puppy beagle? A proper bath once in two months is enough for a puppy as well as an adult beagle. More frequent baths could cause dry skin. So don’t do that until and unless your dog plays a lot in soil.

Tooth Paste and toothbrush

Your pet’s oral care is essential. Issues related to teeth and gums are very common among adult dogs. So it is necessary to take care of your pup’s dental health.

We brush our teeth daily, and we should do the same for our dogs. Brushing your puppy’s teeth daily can help prevent the following oral problems:

  • Prevents periodontal disease and gum conditions
  • Kills mouth bacterias
  • Reduces plaque and tartar buildup
  • Can fight bad breath
  • Provides dental care

Toothbrush: Human toothbrushes are just too hard for dogs. Get a toothbrush specially designed for dogs’ teeth. Select a small size brush for a puppy beagle. Look for a brush with long handles, and it will make it easier for you to brush him.

You can also find a finger brush that you can attach to your finger and slid your finger inside your pup’s mouth. The only downside of using a finger brush is that there are chances that your beagle will unintentionally bite your finger. My recommendation.

Toothpaste: Never use toothpaste that you use. Most of our toothpaste has artificial sweetener, which is harmful to a dog. Get the right toothpaste made, especially for your dog is essential. You can look for following ingredients when selecting toothpaste for your beagle:

  • Enzymes
  • Silica
  • Emulsifiers
  • Sorbitol

These ingredients help prevent periodontal disease and gum related conditions to your beagle. My recommendation.

Anti–tick powder/spray

Ticks are small dark color parasites that might be hiding in your puppy’s fur. It is extremely important to get rid of these parasites as soon as possible. Having an anti-tick powder or a spray can be convenient.

Signs of Tick/flea: 

  • Go through your beagle’s fur and try to find them out. They are dark in color making them noticeable
  • Unusual scratching
  • Hair fall
  • Red spots

Consult a vet as soon as you notice something similar.

How to use power and spray: 

  1. Bathe your puppy clean
  2. Pat dry him with a clean towel
  3. Apply anti-tick spray and massage it with your fingers
  4. Let your pup dry completely
  5. Apply anti-tick powder

You can use this spray and spray it on your puppy, under your rack, in corners, and mostly every place in your house that doesn’t get direct sunlight.

DISCLAIMER: We do not constitute any pet medical advice, kindly consult a licensed veterinarian for pet medical advice.

Final Thoughts

I can understand how tough it is for a new beagle owner. This was my list of 13 accessories, which are essential for a beagle puppy. I hope this was helpful.